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"Ever tried. Ever failed. No matter. Try again. Fail again. Fail better." Worstward Ho, Samuel Beckett

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A Polish artist known mostly for her projects at major houses in European metropoles such as Opéra de Paris, Bruxelles’ Théâtre de la Monnaie, London’s Covent Garden, Amsterdam’s De Nationale Opera, Munich’s Bayerischer Staatsoper, “court” designer for Polish theatre innovator K. Warlikowski. A Berlin actress who after leaving Berliner Ensemble became one of Thomas Ostermaier’s revolutionary collective at Schaubühne, now a free-lancer and film actress, she performs a vast repertoire across Germany but seldom, if at all, Beckett. An Italian actress and close collaborator of one of Europe’s most ubiquitous directors, Romeo Castellucci, who admires Beckett so much that he vows never to stage his work, out of respect. Assistant to the author and director in one at the 1975 legendary production of Godot at Schiller-Theater Berlin, and since then, first his collaborator, later his close friend and, after Beckett’s death, renowned director of his works on all continents. Collaborator of another prominent giant, Ingmar Bergman, his young assistant (and adversary) at the Royal Dramatic Theatre in Stockholm who since has produced major plays by the Irish playwright in Sweden and is also engaged in installations and visual/audio art projects. A British composer and performer active mostly in Norway residing in Bergen. Another composer, Equadorian-born, educated in France and elsewhere, living in Germany where until recently he held a professorship at Freiburg’s Hochschule für Musik. A younger American actress from Atlanta who until recently directed one of the few French-language theatres in the U.S., adequately named Théâtre du rêve, theatre of dreams, what else? A Japanese-born Jamaican singer, performer and Dub poet, now a Freiburg resident. Two actresses playing in German, one from Luzern and one from Bremen, who met playing The Trojan Women in Freiburg. A bilingual mime artist, alumni of the Ecole Internationale de Mimodrame de Paris Marcel Marceau, student of Etienne Decroux und Philippe Gaulier, head of Freiburg’s Zerberus Theater. His close collaborator, a multi-talented composer, a rock intellectual, an instrumentalist playing all instruments, existing and yet to exist alike, performer and, last but not least, video artist and graphic designer. A French actress from Paris, formerly in the ensemble of Théâtre National de Strasbourg, who at the beginning of her career played in Karin Beier’s European Shakespeare in Köln. A young Alsatian from Colmar and a German actor living in Paris and playing in French, both reading from Beckett’s last novel in English, written during the war. A British scholar, raised in Switzerland, thereby perfectly bilingual, preparing for Suhrkamp Verlag an edition of Beckett’s notebooks (diaries) from his trip through Germany in the grip of Nazi hatred, just before WW2, who is also co-director of The Samuel Beckett International Foundation.

Malgorzata Szczesniak, Cristin König, Sivia Costa, Walter D. Asmus, Park Krausen, Fabienne Trüssel, Tjadke Biallowons, Raimund Schall, Joe Killi, Claire Aveline, Paul Schirck, Rainer Sievert, Mark Nixon, Muneer Fennell, ...and all the others on our team,

welcome on board and… yes, Worstward Ho!


Marek Kedzierski








Raimund Schall, Freiburg, Head, Theater Zerberus - actor, director, coordinator in Freiburg, project organinzer in Germany

Marek Kedzierski, Paris, Freiburg, director, author, co-organizer







Joe Killi, Freiburg, Theater Zerberus - musician, performer, actor

Walter D. Asmus, Berlin, theatre director, "honorary guest of the Festival"







Kai Littkopf, Freiburg, Theater Zerberus - musician, percussion und live electronics

Cristin König, Berlin, actress, director, szenarist







Rainer Sievert, Paris, Actor, Head Association Free Entrance

Park Krausen, Atlanta, actress Head Théâtre du rêve







Mesias Maiguashca, Freiburg, composer

Fabienne Trüssel, Berlin, Freiburg, actress







Jazzmin Tutum, Freiburg, performer, singer, dup-poet

Tjadke Biallowons, Freiburg, actress







Gaby Schumacher, Freiburg, Mondstein Trio, cello

Silvia Costa, Treviso, actres







Antonio Pellegrini, Freiburg, Mondstein Trio, violin

Claire Aveline, Paris, actress







Franziska Stadler, Freiburg, Mondstein Trio, piano

Małgorzata Szczęśniak, Warsaw, Paris, scenographer







Marianne Baudouin Lie, Trondheim, Alpaca Trio, cello

Alwynne Pritchard, Bergen, composer, perfom







Else Bø, Trondheim Alpaca Trio, piano

Karl Dunér, Stockholm, theater director and artist







Sigrid Stang, Trondheim, Alpaca Trio, violin

Mark Nixon, Reading, UK, professor, s.beckett international foundation, co-director







Muneer Fenell, Freiburg, musican, cello

Beate Thill, Freiburg, translator, Festival's literary coordinator







Florentine Schaub, Freiburg assistent-organizer

Katharina Knüppel, Freiburg, Literaturbüro Freiburg







P. Müller-Stolz, Freiburg dancer

Paul Schirck, Strassburg, actor








Tomas Boman, Stockholm, photographer and technical editor (work at: AUGE, Karl Dunér)

Sinan Hancili, Berlin, cinematographer



Simon Brossi, Freiburg, video, film



artistic director: Marek Kedzierski

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Tel.: +33 679 72 81 16


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LaFT BW, aus Mitteln des Ministeriums für Wissenschaft, Forschung und Kunst Baden Württemberg

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